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A good and user-friendly intranet or extranet is essential within an organization. An intranet connects your employees with your organization. It can create more affinity with your brand and it ensures that everyone in your organization stays informed about current affairs. For instance, you can make the latest news updates, important events and documents available on the intranet. But it is also nice to know who your colleagues are at the company and how you can quickly contact other departments within the organization.

An intranet can be used purely functionally, but more importantly it can also be used to reduce your costs. You can share your newsletter, annual reports and other documents swiftly and easily through the intranet. Co-workers can exchange data and information electronically, making the use of paper increasingly superfluous.

You can also extend your intranet with an extranet for your customers and suppliers. This enables you to share information fast and effectively, which may lead to a more speedy handling and delivery of services and/or goods to your customers.

Which system suits you best?

We develop an intranet or extranet on open source cms systems such as WordPress, Drupal and eZ Publish. But we can also develop a completely custom-made system for you. Depending on your goals, we will advise you in choosing the best possible open source cms system for your organization. With us, you can start with a basic system that can be extended to a complete system.

The advantages of developing an intranet or extranet on an open source cms system are that many elements are already available, that new additions can be quickly implemented and that you can count on optimum security as long as you have the system updated regularly.

Total solution

Next to our experience in developing, managing and optimizing of intranets and extranets, we can also link your intranet or extranet to your website, webshop, administrative software package and/or suppliers. We can establish connections between SAP, KING Software, AFAS Online and several distribution centers such as the Centraal Boekhuis. But we’re always ready for new challenges and connections as well.

Csorba Media offers a unique combination of high quality at a fair price. We hire them to manage our corporate website ( as well as several other high profile projects.

If you're looking for internet experts with a passion that think with you and deliver the best solution you need according to schedule - they are your go-to agency.

Machiel Schrijver, Digital Communication Coordinator at Hitachi Construction Machinery Europe NV


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