Need an animation video? We can make a 30s, 60s or an even longer animated video for you.

  • Animatie video laten maken - brainstormen


    Creating an animation starts with brainstorming.

    • How long would you like your animation to be?
    • What do you want to explain or show in your video?
    • Wat voor type uitlegvideo wil je?
    • What kind of explainer video do you need?
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  • Animatie video laten maken - storyboard


    After brainstorming we will create a storyboard.

    • You’ll get an impression of what your video will look like.
    • The storyboard will be the starting point for animating your video.
    • During this process we will also define the voice-over.
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  • Animate your video

    After creating the storyboard we will animate your video.

    The delivery date will depend on the length of your video.

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