Website security Nothing is 100% safe, but we can get very close.

  • Webapplicatie beveiliging


    Keeping your website or web application safe is important. Make sure that:

    • The site is well-coded.
    • External security scans are carried out.
    • Your site or app is updated regularly.
    • Personal data are encrypted (GDPR).
    • Your website or web application’s safety is continuously monitored.
    • Backups are created on a regular basis.
    How safe is your website or mobile app?
  • Webapplicatie beveiliging - security scan

    Security scan

    Do you want to make sure that your website or web application is safe?
    We can perform security scans for you:

    • IBM, Qualys-scan, one-off or regular.
    • We can offer advice and help you to make your website or web application more secure.
    Know what it costs?
  • Webapplicatie beveiliging - SORBI platform

    SORBI Security platform

    This powerful security platform for monitoring your website will help you stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.

    • Add your website to the platform in 3 simple steps.
    • Monitor 24/7.
    • Receive an e-mail or push notification when a security risk is found.
    • Buy your SSL-certificate within the platform.
    • Set up a powerful firewall for your website.
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