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Stephan Csorba CEO

Responsible for the organization/strategy of the company.

Thomas Kerkhove iOS Developer

Is committed to the latest developments within iOS applications.

Wesley Meertens Web developer

Partly responsible for web support and web development.

Mutasem Mutasem Web developer

Partly responsible for web support and web development.

Valiant Hekert Web developer

Partly responsible for web support and web development.

Levi De Wolff IT researcher

He is investigating and make preparations for the ISO 27001 certification.

Marleen Schrijvers Marketing manager

Marleen designs and carries out marketing campaigns and activities for Csorba Media. She also advises our customers on marketing related subjects.

Cindy van Nierop Content manager

Cindy writes our blog posts and helps our customers upload and modify content.

Diana Csorba Office employee

Ensures that our office remains clean.

Sandra Csorba Office employee

Takes care of the administration.

  • Stephan Csorba


    Bachelor ICT, System administrator degree,
    Google advanced analytics

  • Leiden is where I was born and raised and so I started my business here, close to home. Outside of Csorba Media, my three children, my wife, and my Japanese dog Jiro keep me pretty busy. I love traveling, so I like to take my family places. Besides my coding hobby, I also like to do jobs around the house and in the spring and summer, you can usually find me in the garden.

  • I started creating websites relatively early on. From the moment the Internet became available to the general public (in 1996-1997), I started teaching myself how to build websites. After I finished high school, I completed a diploma in ICT Management, after which I studied Multimedia and Communication Design at college. After my first and last employer went through a management buy-out in 2014, I started Csorba Media in its current form. My focus at Csorba Media is on the organization/strategy of the company and on staff training.

  • Thomas Kerkhove

    iOS Developer

    Application development degree

  • I was born and brought up in Leiden and the city is everything to me. At the moment I am living in Leimuiden, but I want to go back to beautiful Leiden as soon as possible. When I am not working at Csorba Media, you can find me in Leiden volunteering for the Zeeverkenners, a sea scout group. This is my seventh year leading a group of children from ten to eighteen years old. In the winter we repair and maintain the boats, in the summer we teach the children all about sailing.

  • I started working for Csorba Media after I finished my App Design course at ROC Leiden, now four and a half years ago. This is a dream job for me, with great colleagues, freedom to grow and a wide range of different projects. My role at Csorba Media is iOS Developer. This means that I develop iOS apps, particularly informative apps. I also help with web support and occasionally with creating websites, but application design is my top priority.

  • Wesley Meertens

    Web developer
  • I am from Leiden and am currently living in Zoetermeer. I am doing an App and Media Development course at MBO college Rijnland. In my free time I spend a lot of time with the scouts. I lead a group of children (Cub scouts) and I am team leader for the leadership team. I love being outdoors in my free time, as well as going out with friends.

  • I work on the support team at Csorba Media and I really enjoy it! We always have a laugh in the office and we work really hard when it counts. I often work on Fridays and Saturdays, so I can combine work and study. The atmosphere is great, which means I never resent going in to work.

  • Marleen Schrijvers

    Marketing manager
  • Cindy van Nierop

    Content manager
  • Diana Csorba

    Office employee
  • Sandra Csorba

    Office employee

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